Saturday, January 11, 2014

@realprofgriff INTERVIEW With @wiredradio407 @realrebelblack @djwired

     When I heard that Professor Griff from Public Enemy was coming to Orlando as part of the Books & Beats Tour, me and DJ Wired knew we had to get the legend on the radio show. Public Enemy was recently inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame so this was the perfect time to find out how Griff was feeling about Hip Hop, current events and the Illuminati.
     During the interview Griff opened up about many topics including the Trayvon Martin case, the illuminati in hip hop, politics. As usual Griff did not hold back. He put a lot of information out in this interview. So much so that we had to break up the interview into two parts. That is why he is the minister of information. Part two of the interview is posted on
     The Books & Beats Tour event in Orlando was a huge success. If this event is coming to your city make sure you do not miss it. Great music and important information at one venue!
     Professor Griff still relevant in the game and the brother is in the Hall Of Fame. #publicenemy

written by @realrebelblack

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