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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Download New "Mouce" - "I Be Like"

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tiny House's are Popping up Everywhere

People are downsizing their homes all over the world. Some are stationary, and some are mobile. One hundred to four hundred square feet is common for these tiny houses. 

Click Here to check out more tiny houses, and stories told by others.

How To Get a Rolex...

All you need is pepper spray and a wheelchair to steal a $27,000 Rolex.
Click Here to see how this man used just those two things to get away with the watch.

Rap Lyrics can not be Used as Evidence

A New Jersey Supreme court ruled that certain rap lryics can not be used as evidence for Vonte Skinner. Click Here to see what lyrics Vonte was trying to use to get him off a murder trial.

The Pope Wants the Young to do Something Less

Pope Francis expresses himself to the youth about certain things they should spend less time on so they have more time for productive activities. Click Here to see what the Pope wants them to stop doing!