Friday, February 21, 2014

@TahirRBG responds to Cash Money Records! Looking Ass Nigga Response Record!

Rapper/producer Tahir has responded to the Young Money Cash Money record "Looking Ass Nigga" Tahir pulls no punches on his record "Agent Ass Niggas" Tahir made some great points on this record including the line "this is how the babies gonna find out about Malcom right?" Excellent point, YMCMB made a real mistake using the images of Malcom X to promote the Nicky record. Tahir is starting a grass roots movement with this record! RBG's up and take a listen to this record! Dont just listen to the beat, listen to the words! Hit up Tahir on facebook
Tahir is known for his production, he has produced records with The Roots & Dead Prez and he has toured with the likes of Professor Griff from Public Enemy. Stay Wired to the real log on to for more news and new music!

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Unknown said...

I Think That It Is Awesome That This Record Was made Because Nicky Weak Ass Shudna Put Malcolm X Picture On Her Weak Ass Shit. And For Her To Try To Come Back With That Weak Ass Apology That Don't Mean Shit Cuz The Damage Was Done. Plus I Can't Believe These Weak Ass Radio Stations Playing The Fuckin Single. Off The Strength Of Malcolm X They Shud Have Been Like Nah Hoe, We Ain't Playin That Weak Shit, Get That Shit Outta Here. Agent Ass Nigga Is The Shit That Made Me Say "Yeah, Imma Start My Radio Station Back" I Had Left Internet Radio Alone Cuz It Wasnt Really Feedin Me, But Because Of That Weak Shit Nicky Put Out And The Lame Assholes Runnin It, It's Time That My SHit Come Back And Join The Movement For Awoke People! I Can't Even Stand Nicky No Dam More. How You Gon Disrespect Malcolm? Malcolm? C'mon, Then People Ok'n That Shit? Get The Fuck Outta Here