Thursday, February 27, 2014

@MasterPMiller The Mike Jordan Of HIp Hop

At one point in the 1990′s Master P and his No Limit Records were one of the most dominating forces in Hip Hop. With tracks like “I’m Bout It, Bout It” and “Make ‘Em Say Uhh!” the No Limit tank was running through the streets.Master P also made a huge mark on the music industry for the business moves he established for his label. The New Orleans legend signed an unprecedented deal with Priority Records that reportedly included P earning 80% of the wholesale price for every album sold and 100% ownership of all the master recordings.
“I ain’t trying to be the best lyricist. I’m just trying to make music that people could feel,” Master P tells VladTV. “But I am the best businessman. I feel I am the best hustler in the game.”
Master P also shares his take on what he sees as the wrong way some of the newer artists are hustling. After 75 million albums sold, the creator of Ghetto D thinks it is his work ethic that makes him the G.O.A.T. of street Hip Hop.
“I come from the streets. When you’re hot that’s when you keep on hitting. These artists nowadays, they get a hit song and that be it. They think they can chill. That’s when you gotta work more,” said P. “That’s why I call myself the Michael Jordan of this whole street Hip Hop industry.”

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