Saturday, January 11, 2014

@bishoplamont interview on @wiredradio407

i was looking forward to interviewing @bishoplamont last year. That's an interview i was chasing for a while. After several attempts at contacting managers, handlers, label reps, and publicists, I decided to just approach the man one on one via twitter & within a few days i had my interview. 
     if you are not familiar with Bishop Lamont, i dont know what rock you are hiding under! He was signed to Dr Dre's aftermath records. Bishop's debut album was slated to come out after Dre's Detox Album. Well long story short, its 2014 and detox never came out. 
     After getting off of Dre's label, Bishop Lamont released several critically acclaimed mixtapes and was featured on dozens of records with
A-list stars. His debut album is slated for release during 2014! Hip hop fans from his native west coast all the way to New York are waiting on the release of this project. Bishop Lamont, the thinking mans rapper rather the thinking man's MC!! He can make party music, street music and music to make you think. I hate the term conscious rapper but Bishop Lamont has that funky music that will speak to your consciousness! 
     Look out for a new mixtape followed up by one of the most anticipated debut albums in hip hop history! Follow @bishoplamont on twitter!

written by @realrebelblack

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