Saturday, January 11, 2014

2013 top ten records on @wiredradio407

3 hours of hip hop with @realrebelblack and @djwired the top ten indy records from 2013, new music, throwbacks and tons of social commentary from Rebel Black and DJ Wired!
This Top Ten list was calculated using such factors as requests to the station when we are on the air, requests via social media, requests at the club while @djwired and @realrebelblack are hosting or djing, crowd reaction to the song when its played at the clubs and overall dopeness! Here is the top ten artists of 2013 on @wiredradio407
#1 @therealwoopwoop "pussy nigga"
#2 @DATDUDE407 "fuck zimmerman"
#3 @caskey407 "To Much Information"
#4 @MOOKBOYFLYGOON #worldstarfreestyle
#5 @Thekkholliday ft @1youngscooter "Mums The Word"
#6 @DuddyMouf ft @Phillyfreezer "trapping"
#7 @ProduKtJRG "father forgive me"
#8 @HankadonL5 "BAPTIZED"
#9 @tdadogmusic "BLOCK BOYS"
#10 @jahighwayent "All I Know"
Congrats to all the artists that made this list!

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