Sunday, January 12, 2014

Female Rapper admits starting "I'm Trinidad James Grilfriend" Rumor As Publicity Stunt!

     @therealkeepa is a sassy rapper from FT Pierce, Florida, she is signed to Coke Boys South and is quickly rising up the ranks of female mcs from florida. Gunplay and Mr Cheeks are just a few of the heavy hitters that she has already collaborated with. Her single "All I Ever Do" with Gunplay is making a lot of noise. She holds her own lyrically with the big boys.
     Keepa says she got her name from the simple fact, when it comes to men she is a keeper. With a second mixtape about to be released and videos on youtube remember @therealkeepa she is on her grind.
     She didnt hold back in the interview, she addressed the Trinidad James rumors. Check out the interview with the first lady of Coke Boys South.  

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