Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crazy Hip Hop Rumors for Feb 15th 2011 & More


Kanye & Jay-Z   "Watch The Throne"

A recent report has suggested strongly that Jay-Z and Kanye West are in NYC and they are working hard at completing their new CD, Watch The Throne. Mercer boutique hotel is the place that it is reportedly going down at. The pair reportedly took out a whole entire floor of the pricey hotel and moved equipment and everything up there. Some of the other patrons of the place may have been annoyed at it. But, who is going to say no to Jay and Ye? That's like history right there. That's all there is now, but it definitely seems that Jay and Yeezy are going to be shaking up the game. Its very shocking to me that Kanye has seemingly abandoned his last album. Crazy!

Lady Luck disses Redman?

"He's a sucker. He's a sucker for saying that, man. Yes, he could [help other NJ rappers]. I don't know what Doc has [ever] done. You know what I'm saying? And like, I feel whoever's had the platform, they didn't really do nothing. You know what I'm saying? And I say that freely because you could look at what Lil Wayne did, [he] ran with artists. You could look at how many people ran with different artists and put people on. Nelly put his people on and they're not trying to really do that out here [in New Jersey]. I don't see them reaching out to people and doing freestyles."

Lady Luck said this in a recent interview seemingly mad at Redman for not doing a song or attending some freestyle jam session she put together. I don’t know. Red’s homeboy Ready Roc is from Newark, NJ if that matters. 


There were rumors that Charles Hamilton had actually broken out of jail. A quick bit of research showed that CH really just posted bail. The bail was for allegedly assaulting a cop out in Cleveland. He came up with the $25,000 to free himself. Poor dude.


Remember when Kelis was a dream to Nas? Well, Christina Milian is trying to be a nightmare to The Dream. Nobody quite knows what she is getting, but she reportedly wants more from him…more money that is. But this isn’t simple alimony or support…she says she helped wrote the Justin Beiber song “Baby.” Milli says her ex agreed to pay her 10% of his publishing for the song and has not done so. It is not clear if she actually wrote the song or just wants him to honor a weird commitment.


Wiz Khalifa ain’t trippin’ on Nat Nunn. Check out what he told Funk Flex about her and Amberrose.

On Natalie Nunn:

“She was considered cool. I met her in Pittsburgh, she came to my city. She wasn’t lying about that — I came to check her out at her job. She was way cooler than she seemed on TV — I was nothing but nice to her. It was a good first meeting. She left a good impression, it wasn’t nothing I was mad about. And she wasn’t mad at me — but down the line, I don’t know where it got mixed up at. The [bird] feed ran short. And this was a short amount of time we’re talking about too — it’s just real unfortunate, because I’m such a positive person.”

On Amber Rose:

“She was dying to come to a show, I was dying to have her at a show, it was a good opportunity. [She met my mom], that was actually at Pittsburgh, at the AFC Championship. That was like a pretty big moment. People don’t know. We both travel a lot…She was close. Like I said, I was on tour at the time, we’re both really, really busy. It was convenient…I’m working hard as h*ll man.”


Man Jailed for Giving Other People's Pigs Vaginal Infections

You won’t believe this foolishness. A Mississippi man named Andrew Lee Nash, a 52-year-old, has been jailed after he sexually assaulted several hogs. Man this dude even gave four pigs vaginal infections. He didn’t even own the pigs that he was running up in. The owner of the pigs was seeing weird things with them when he took them in to the doctor. They set up a sting operation with cameras and they caught him in the act of sexually assaulting the hogs. Nashy boys was sent to nearby Leflore County jail and charged with 12 counts of unnatural intercourse. He’s facing 120 years of jail time if they throw the book at him. Don’t go H.A.M. Period.  


LMAO! Mike is wild for that. He said something like, “I like to go to war and he likes to get licked.” 


Yesterday, I and the rest of the world was looking for the Black Friday mixtape that Lil Kim was promoting for about 3 or so months. The mixtape was an apparent response to the insurgent named Nicki Minaj. Well, the girl pulled a fast one on me! Why? She did release it, but it was on sale on the internet. Now, this was confusing to me, because 1) you typically assume a mixtape is going to be a free promo item and 2) nobody ever told us that it wouldn't be anything but free. So, I still don't know where to get it!!!


Well, what the hell. It looks like 50 Cent and Dr. Dre are somehow on the outs. I mean, they have both bolstered each others careers some years ago. And Dr. has made major money via 50 (The Game, G-Unit, etc) and obviously Dre has done the same. But, as Detox...slowly creeps up, 50 has proclaimed that he's not on it.

This is out of control. 50 Cent is supposedly making a diss record on Dre and Jimmy. He says they are mad that he's got that Sleek headset line, which is competing with them "Beats By Dre."



Ciara looks and dances so good. For all intent and purposes, she should be one of the top performers in the game. Instead, there are rumors that she's been dropped from Jive records. She says that's simply not the case. She has expressed on the record disdain for her label, saying that they have offered no support for her music. Where does this put her? I don't know for sure, but it sounds like she was dropped. Ciara says she requested a release and it was bestowed upon her.

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