Monday, January 31, 2011


LOL! WOW. 50 Cent and Ciara had a very brief ex-lover’s quarrel on Twitter. 

Ciara: "The things people tweet say a lot about their character, pay attention!:) 

50 Cent: "Yea I tweet things that reflect my character b***h. I have a sense of humor get that's why your 3 mill followers behind me” 
Ciara replied:  “ooohh, tell em why u mad b!”

It has been the worst-kept secret that these two were once in a relationship, but that thing is dead and gone now – CLEARLY. 

What started this? It seems that Ciara was annoyed by 50 Cent using the b-word too much and proclaiming that he wanted to be a real pimp after a visit with Hugh Hef at the Playboy Mansion. 

“I just left the play boy mansion. I think I want to be a pimp now. Sh*t I have strong pimp qualities. Lol” 

“I’m looking for girls to start my new line of work. Are there any strong potential hoe’s on tweeter right now. Lol” 


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