Tuesday, November 23, 2010

RT America's correspondent arrested -- Raw Video

More than two dozen people were arrested over the weekend outside Fort Benning, Georgia, for the crime of protesting the School of the Americas, otherwise known as the School of Latin American Dictators and Death Squads.
Two members of a Russia Today television crew were arrested along with the protesters, even though they had presented press credentials. “They were held as protestors even though they presented valid press credentials to the court,” RT reported earlier today. “Currently out on bail after 32 hours in custody, [correspondent Kaelyn Forde and cameraman Jon Conway] were eventually charged with partaking in an illegal protest and disobeying the orders of law enforcement officers.”

Of course, if Forde and Conway worked for the New York Times or the crown jewel of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, the Washington Post, this would not have happened to them. On the other hand, the New York Times and the Washington Post are not in the habit of covering protests at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, aka the School of the Americas. The Pentagon changed the name a few years ago after it was associated with psychotic thugs raping and killing nuns and disappearing political activists.
It is Job One of the corporate media to make sure the American people remain oblivious to the ramifications of U.S. foreign policy.
Since RT is not part of the Operation Mockingbird club, it will not be permitted to exercise the First Amendment. It will be treated the same way members of the alternative media are routinely treated in America – dismissively, with contempt, and often with violence.

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