Friday, August 16, 2019

Death Row Co-Founder/Investor Harry O being released from Prison after serving 31 years

The man who really started the iconic record label Death Row Records
“Harry O” is finally getting his freedom after serving 31 years in
prison! Death Row co-founder Michael “Harry O” Harris is set to be
released this August. Harris has spent 31 years in prison after being
convicted in 1988 of attempted murder and narcotics distribution. The
attempted murder charge was later reversed on appeal.

Back in 1991 Suge Knigh approached Harry O for a $1.5 Million dollar
investment in Death Row records while he sat in San Quentin State
Prison. After giving Suge the money, he and his wife Lydia never
received any return on their investment. They sued Knight and received a
$107 million judgment in 2005 that bankrupted the label.

No word yet on if Harry O will start the label back up once he is released.

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