Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lord Jamar has concerns about Zimmerman's "Celebrity Status"

Lord Jamar questions George Zimmerman being labeled a celebrity, speaks on the psychological message behind a possible boxing match involving Zimmerman.
While speaking with Vlad TV recently, Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar addressed the highly controversial celebrity boxing match that is rumored to take place between George Zimmerman and rapper DMX.
Jamar revealed that he has no problem with DMX putting his hands on Zimmerman, but did express concern over Zimmerman receiving a check for the fight and being dubbed a celebrity due to the boxing match. He also stated that “anybody with decency” shouldn’t support such an event.
“Do I want Zimmerman to get paid for it,” he said when asked to share his thoughts on the fight. “Do I want Zimmerman to have the title of celebrity while it’s happening? Absolutely not. And people trying to say ‘Oh no, well the new definition of celebrity is someone who’s known.’ The root word of celebrity is celebrate. So, celebrities are people that are to be celebrated. How are you going to be a celebrity from killing a 17-year-old child? And now you want to box when you claim you were getting your ass beat that made you have to shoot a mothafucka in the first place. How ironic is that? And now we gon’ call you a celebrity? Come on, man. That’s crazy. And so now the psychological message that is being sent is ‘Kill a black youth and you can get fame and fortune.’ That’s the psychological message. Everybody knows George Zimmerman. And now he’s getting ready to get paid off of murder basically.”
The New York emcee again stressed that he has no problem with the physical component of the match and even revealed that he would personally put his hands on Zimmerman if he had the opportunity, but is more concerned with Zimmerman being paid for the fight.
“So yeah, would I like to see DMX beat the shit out of him? I’d love to beat the shit out of him,” Jamar said. “Free of charge. You understand what I’m saying? Where he don’t get paid, I don’t get paid. He gotta pay his own fuckin doctor bills. You dig what I’m saying?”
Prior to speaking on the celebrity boxing match, Jamar offered up a few details on his relationship with DMX, an artist he says he met before the Yonker’s rappers rise to fame.
“I had met X just when Brand Nubian was about to come out,” he said. “We might have seen each other before on some emcee shit here and there, but like I started hooking up with him trying to record him and shit like that. We had a little studio in New Rochelle and shit like that…And then he was fucking with the drugs and all that. And I’m just trying to get on myself. So, I was like ‘Man, I ain’t got time for [y’all].’ And he wasn’t—it was a few more years before he came out.”
First announced weeks ago, the celebrity boxing match involving Zimmerman, who was found not guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter last year, has found itself with a number of possible competitors.
In addition to DMX, Los Angeles rapper Game reportedly expressed interest in fighting Zimmerman and Chicago emcee Kanye West was also mentioned as an artist Zimmerman would like to see in the ring.

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