Wednesday, February 19, 2014

@jayda_starr On a Mission to be the First Inked up Supermodel!

@jayda_starr is on a mission! This tatted up dream girl is an Orlando resident and one of the hottest models in the state! A talented dancer and event host her stock is on the rise. Jayda and her team have a plan, that includes hosting events, appearing in magazines and music videos. Just having her in your video will get over 30.000 of her fans to check her out in the video. A humble and sexy woman, she is easy to work with and her team promotes all of the projects! Jayda Starr is a star that is shining and her future is just as bright! Follow her on the social networks @jayda_starr and get used to her if you have not met her. #iheartjaydastarr

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