Sunday, February 9, 2014

House Of Cards Season 2 coming soon to Netflix

House of Cards, a original series, blew me away! If you did not trust or like politicians before watching this series, all your concerns were confirmed! This show seems to real to be on network television or HBO. Kevin Spacey plays politician Frank Underwood, a man who has big ambitions in Washington D.C. I enjoyed season one of this show because i look at politicians with a crooked eye. I trust few and I like fewer politicians. This show makes the viewer feel like an insider in the world of policy makers. A work of fiction, House Of Cards, reeks of reality! Shocking at times and sometimes funny with Spacey's dry wit, House Of Cards is a well produced show that makes the viewer feel like they are in the political trenches in Washington D.C. at least if you feel dirty after watching this show you can take a shower, unlike real politicians who just reek of greed and have an elitist mentality! If you missed season one of this show check it out on netflix and if you are already a fan look out for season 2 Feb 14! 

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