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#BlackFriday newsletter issue 1 starring @richhomiequan



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By Headline Contributor Rebel Black

Last easter weekend I had a chance to interview @richhomiequan it was a pivotal time in his career. He was coming to Orlando for an Easter Sunday concert and we interviewed him on 91.5 WPRK the night before the concert.
His mixtape, "Still Going In", was out and the buzz in Atlanta was huge for Rich Homie. The concert was a major success and he took off the rest of 2013 tours, BET Awards Show apperances, major features.
Rich Homie's story is remarkable on several levels. He was released from prison in 2011 and made a vow to never go back. He left the streets and took his craft seriously. His rise, independently, is amazing. He showed that having a good team and a better work ethic and remarkable music was the formula for an independent artist to break through.
Rich Homie Quan downplays the comparisons to Future. He seems to be focused on working and making good music. His mixtapes have been a great mix of street music and music dedicated to the ladies. Far from commercial but having commercial appeal, its easy to see why Rich Homie Quan is the future of hip hop right now.
Last easter sunday Rich Homie Quan was in Orlando there is no telling where is career will be by Easter Sunday 2014. He is slated to be featured on several singles with major artists this year, and the streets are waiting for his album. Not just the streets in his native Georgia but the streets worldwide. the difference between @richhomiequan and a lot of artists is that he is doing it and getting well paid to do it!
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Confessions of an A&R

By Contributing Editor DominiqueRebel

The Name Game

Any artist that is worth their weight has heard it "You are great, but you have an Indie feel." What exactly does that mean from a professional in the industry? In simple terms, it means you need to diversify. I will be the first to admit that I love my trap music, but it is not a universal language. Little Sally in Oklahoma is not going to be allowed to buy music with the titles of words she can't say in church. And since it is a fact that teenage girls are the major purchasers of music, it would be smart to consider that in both the title and content of your music.
Now this editorial is in now way designed to step on any toes, but the truth is if your name is something I would equate to a hoodrat or hoodlum, you may want to clean it up. Throw people off your trail, make them want to hear your music by using creative names and unique titling. There are so many examples of this, but one that comes to mind is Jamie Foxx. Choosing a name that allowed him to cross gender and color meant he often got selected to perform, where other did not. Another great example of this is "Hannah Montana" by Migos. It's a name that is so familiar to their potential audience that it has no choice but to get clicks, even if it's just to see what the song is all about. This does not mean you have to be unauthentic, but consider your "BUYING" audience when you are attempting to break thru. And thats a confession, from an A&R.
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Politicking & PR

With Contributor Meka Kane

Get in the Game

When you look at the success of an artist like Rich Homie Quan in 2013, he really makes it look easy. However, its way more difficult than you can possibly imagine. It takes a great team, a structured plan, and a clear vision to make the type of impact Rich Homie had in 2013. There are usually multiple avenues one can take to to get to the end result, but one thing that has not changed is that DJ's are still the key to breaking records. It may seem old fashioned, but it is effective. Mainstream artists aren't getting played because fans call the station to request the song. It ames the work of a full PR campaign to get the type of results Rich Homie saw.
Behind every artist, there is a plan. This plan is structured to involve many different individuals who are all capable of making it happen. This also means finding a way to bring in the mainstream audience. While is a difficult concept to digest on many levels, it is what works. Digital Downloads and advancing technology have changed the way we get things done from a PR perspective, but a knowledgeable professional can guide any artist thru this ever changing industry game.
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