Friday, January 24, 2014

@Seanpaul_ybz Young Bloodz Interview on WIRED RADIO

@wiredradio407 had an opportunity to interview Sean Paul from the Youngbloodz! Sean didnt have a problem talking about the rise of the group. The Young Bloodz are back though and we did this interview with Sean Paul before the reunion it was announced! So much has changed in Hip Hop since the Young Bloodz came out. A few things remain constant, Atlanta is still the capital of urban music in America and The Young Bloodz old records pass the test of time. In clubs all over the country every weekend people jam to the Young Bloodz old school records, but guess what? The new music is jamming and as people hear the music and see the Young Bloodz performing again they will realize that the Young Bloodz are about to be relevant to a new generation of hip hop fans. Check out the interview with @seanpaul_ybz and follow him on twitter!

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