Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hip Hop Groupie Amber Rose exposes Kanye West

Hip Hop Groupie Amber Rose did a interview below are the excerpts of her relationship with Kanye and other topics.
She was asked will there be a Kanye West and Amber sex tape ?
Didn’t you see my titties on South Beach? There ain’t gonna be no sex tape, I’m not into that sh*t. I’ve been offered a lot of money but I chose not to do it. I chose to take the high road and I feel like just because of my past and my profession and what I did in my past doesn’t mean that I would do that. I was a stripper since I was 15-years-old. South Philly. I was a South Philly hood rat my whole life. I feel like I grew up. I’m more cultured. I’ve traveled the world now, I’ve learned more things and I’ve learned how to speak well.
She was asked about whether Kanye West would ever take her back ?
No, I don’t think so. You know in every relationship you have problems and you try to work through and then sometimes things don’t work out. But it was very real for me. I was very much in love. I was with him for two years. We lived together, we traveled the world together, we had a lot of fun together. A lot of really cool moments…I was the ill bitch to a rock star.
On whether she participated in threesomes with Kanye ?
I’m not into threesomes. I had two, 3 year relationships with women. So, I was with women for six years before I met Kanye. He knew that Amber Rose without Makeup uggg
On whether she was dropped from Ford Models after the break up ?
I was not dropped from Ford Models, they closed their celebrity division and my contract was up. What people don’t understand is when you’re in a modeling agency and your contract is up but you still get jobs without them. It’s a good thing, so they don’t take 20-30% of your money. I walked fashion shows in Paris, London, New York even after my contract was up. I didn’t have to re-sign with them I was getting work without them and it’s easier to get my own money without paying them.
She was asked about the fact that she had achieved fame off of Kanye West’s name and her sleeping with women ?
I never wanted to be famous it just happened to me. I literally was with someone that I loved very much and we were out people would say “Kanye I love you but can you snap a picture of me and Amber Real quick?”
The Rumor mill has it that Amber Rose got caught cheating on Kanye and got kicked to the curb. Since then she has been spotted with many Hip Hop artists. We can only speculate that she is being passed around like government cheese now.

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