Friday, September 24, 2010

Lex Lugar talks about his Beat Making Success

Lex Luger, who now resides in Atlanta, Georgia recently, took time to speak about his rise to success as a producer and some of his upcoming projects.
“I’m from Suffolk, VA,” Lex Luger told in a recent interview. “I met Waka off MySpace on the internet. I was sending him about 30 beats every few days and after a while he was like, ‘You’re mysound and I’m going to move you down here in four months’.”
After getting placements with Waka, Lex Luger started making beats for Gorilla Zoe, Lil Scrappy and others.
The 19-year-old producer, who was recently nominated for a BET Award, also created Waka’s hit single “Hard in the Paint,” the second single off his album Flockavelli.
Lex Luger also produced Rick Ross’ anthem “B.M.F.” and his newest single, “MC Hammer.”
“Ross got a lot of songs, he got about 5 or 6 songs that we have done that he hasn’t even released yet,” Lex Luger told “I f**k with Ross that’s my homeboy. I will always work with and for him, know what I’m sayin?”
Lex recently worked with Kanye West. He explained Kanye’s work ethic as a producer.
“Kanye is a perfectionist, and he is really trying to take music to the next level and I understood that when I worked with him,” Lex Luger told “He wants to take music to the next level, as far as not falling into the sound of radio or any other sound of music, Kanye is always doing something different.”
You wanna be producers can learn something from Lex . Instead of trying to sell every beat you make you might want to start giving them away. Or you can be a nickel and dime producer that nobody will ever hear of.
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